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  • Stokes Purple Martin Book: The Complete Guide to Attracting & Housing Purple Martins
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Attract Purple Martins! This is the best and most complete guide to attracting and housing Purple Martins. Contains all the information you need to successfully attract and maintain a colony of Purple Martins in your yard. Filled with more than 100 stunning full-color photos.

This book includes:

triangle picture How to select and put up a Purple Martin house, with information on aluminum houses and gourds.

triangle picture When you can expect Purple Martins to arrive in your region, including a range map showing the arrival dates of Purple Martins in your area.

triangle picture How to monitor houses and control predators.

triangle picture The complete life history and behavior of Purple Martins including: courtship, nest building, egg laying, and photos of nestling development.

triangle picture Special tips, problem solving help, and section on Purple Martin resources.

96 pages. 8 1/2 x 11 inches.

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