Mandarin Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder by Arundale

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  • This is the original Eco-Friendly Mandarin squirrel-proof bird feeder is famous for its dramatic good looks, squirrel-proof 17" dome, and large capacity. 150
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The Mandarin Squirrel Proof bird feeder is the original Eco-Friendly squirrel-proof bird feeder which is famous for its dramatic good looks, squirrel-proof 17″ dome, and large capacity. Its seed ports are designed for the “peck & pull” activity of desirable song birds. This form of seed management dramatically reduces seed loss. Medium length perches discourages visits by larger birds. It’s even pigeon proof! With its generous 5 1/2 quart capacity bucket, you’ll spend less time filling and more time watching. Large capacity hanging, easy-fill bucket. Complete hanging kit with rubber water guard for top of dome. If you have any questions about the differences between the Mandarin and the Sky Cafe bird feeders check out for more information. Made in the U.S.A. *Lifetime Warranty against squirrel damage*

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