Birdola Beetle Mania Seed Cake

Created especially for insect-loving birds, Beetle Mania features freeze-dried beetle larvae, as well as black oil sunflower and white millet for seed lovers. 54373 Sold in cases of 8 cakes

Birdola Beetle Stacker

Our new Beetle Stacker™, with freeze-dried beetle larvae, will attract insect-eating birds. 54614 Sold in cases of 6 cakes.

Birdola Cardinal Stacker

Black oil sunflower is the favorite seeds of most songbirds, so you will attract a variety of birds with Cardinal Stacker. 54612 Sold in cases of 6 cakes.

Birdola Deck & Patio Seed Cake

Peanut Hearts, Sunflower Chips, Peanuts, Hulled Millet, Cracked Corn, Gelatin 54496 Sold in cases of 8 cakes.

Birdola Finch Black Gold Bar

Birdola Products Black Gold Finch Cake - Formulated for all small songbirds (finches, chickadees, juncos, nuthatches). 54348 Sold in cases of 10 cakes.

Birdola Finch Stacker

Now you can add finches and smaller songbirds to the mix of species attracted to the Stacker™ feeder. 54615 Sold in cases of 6 cakes.

Birdola High Energy Duo Seed Cake

Hi-Energy Blend provides the extra energy birds need, especially during cold months, and during breeding season. BPDUO54508 Sold in cases of 8 cakes

Birdola Junior Cake Feeder

Use with our variety of Junior seed cakes, or with any of the small suet cakes in the marketplace. 54385
$7.99 $5.99

Birdola Junior Seed Cake

Specially made to fit the millions of small suet feeders that are already in backyards across the country - as well as our own patented Small Cake Feeder with Fold-Down Perches. 54333 Sold in

Birdola Large Cake Feeder

Our basic wire feeder with patented fold-down perches. 54327
$14.99 $10.99

Birdola MultiBird Stacker

Multi-Bird Stacker™ features a blend of premium seeds and nuts to attract the widest variety of species. 54610 Sold in cases of 6 cakes.

Birdola NoWaste Stacker

No-Waste Stacker™ contains no hulls or shells. Entire cake is consumed. 54613 Sold in cases of 6 cakes.