Pine Tree Farms Woodpecker Seed Log 80oz.

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Pine Tree Farms Woodpecker Seed Log

The Pine Tree Farms Woodpecker Seed Log 80oz. will keep your wild birds fed without constant feeder refills. Seed Logs deliver long-lasting nutrition, so you spend less time filling your feeders, and less waste on the ground. The Woodpecker seed log contains an assorted blend of nuts, and seeds that will attract a variety of wild birds to your backyard, especially those beloved woodpeckers and nuthatches. Unlike loose seeds, seed logs are not as easily carried off by squirrels and other critters. These seed logs were developed for convenient year round feeding. These logs fit the Seed Log Feeder or similar bird feeder. An excellent choice during snowy winters when easy access to bird feeders may be difficult. These seed logs are also great for keeping wild birds fed while you're away on vacation. Ingredients: Mixed tree nuts, Peanuts, Almonds, Cracked Corn, Sunflower Hearts, Black Oil Sunflower, Gelatin