Birdola Stacker Combo

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10.00 LBS

Birdola Stacker combo contains 3 each of our most popular stacker seed cakes, and a feeder. Our Cardinal Stacker contains Black Oil Sunflower and Safflower seeds, every cardinal's favorite. Woodpeckers crave our Woodpecker Stacker packed full of just the right mix of tree nuts. Hungry chickadees and finches love our No-Waste Stacker containing peanut hearts, sunflower chips, peanuts, hulled millet and cracked corn. 100% edible with nothing left uneaten. Colorful songbirds are attracted to our Multi-Bird Stacker containing a blend of premium seeds and nuts. Fun to mix and match! Combo includes 1 FREE Stacker Feeder, 12 Stackers (3 Cardinal, 3 Woodpecker, 3 No-Waste, 3 Multi-Bird)